SQZ TACs (Tolerizing Antigen Carriers) are designed to reduce unwanted immune activity, the flip side to our SQZ AAC platforms. We are creating SQZ TACs to drive targeted antigens through a powerful natural mechanism, specifically tolerizing the immune system, to stop undesired immune response. SQZ TACs are antigen-specific, potentially restoring the immune system balance without the side effects of broad immunosuppression.

We squeeze red blood cells with target-specific antigen to create SQZ TAC products. Once administered to the patient, the SQZ TAC products efficiently deliver antigen to endogenous professional antigen presenting cells. The unique immunological capabilities of these cells help maintain balance within the immune system by teaching our immune cells what should not be attacked.

Unwanted immune responses can occur as a result of autoimmune diseases, such as type 1 diabetes, where the body attacks its own tissues and organs, or in the form of unwanted reactions to therapeutics, where the body mounts an immune response against a drug, such as auto antibodies associated with gene therapy and other biologics.

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