‘Trojan Horses’ Delivering Antigen + Adjuvant for Immune Activation

SQZ® AACs act as ‘trojan horses’ by carrying and delivering target antigen + adjuvant to a patient’s own professional antigen presenting cells in lymphoid organs to drive target-specific T cell responses.

1   Creating SQZ® AACs by Engineering a Patient’s Own Red Blood Cells

SQZ® AACs are created by squeezing red blood cells (RBCs) with target specific antigens and adjuvant. This delivers the target antigen to the RBCs, creating engineered RBCs, and makes them appear aged.

3   SQZ® AACs as Antigen ‘Trojan horses’

Once delivered to the patient, SQZ® AACs leverage the body’s natural red blood cell clearing process. A patient’s own professional antigen presenting cells engulf the treated SQZ® AACs as they do aged red blood cells, thus enabling target antigen delivery.

7   Patient’s Antigen Presenting cells Activate CD8 T Cells

The patient’s professional antigen presenting cells then present their cargo to CD8 killer T cells, which are activated and seek out and attack tumors.

SQZ® AACs for Oncology

SQZ® AACs are currently being investigated in a Phase 1/2 clinical trial for HPV+ tumors, including anal, rectal, cervical, head and neck, penile, vulvar, or vaginal cancer.