The SQZ AAC Platform has the unique capability of accessing the professional antigen presenting cells where they reside in a patient’s body – leveraging their role in immune activation and control.

We squeeze patients’ red blood cells with target- specific antigens and adjuvant to generate SQZ AACs (Activating Antigen Carriers). Once administered to the patient, the SQZ AAC products act as “Trojan horses” to deliver antigen to endogenous professional antigen presenting cells in lymphoid organs to drive target-specific T cell responses.

Professional antigen presenting cells in lymphoid organs are specialized for efficient antigen presentation. These professional antigen presenting cells engulf the SQZ AAC products and present the antigen to T cells – potentially driving robust and specific immune responses.

Our Pipeline


The first application of our SQZ AAC platform is in oncology. The SQZ AACs are engineered with activating adjuvant and tumor antigen to drive tumor-specific immune activation. The SQZ AAC products deliver antigen to the patient’s professional antigen presenting cells, which results in those antigen presenting cells driving T cell activations and tumor killing.

The SQZ AAC platform could be applied to other cancer types and infectious diseases. Our first clinical implementation with SQZ AACs will be for HPV+ tumors.