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Broadening Access to a New Generation of Cell Engineering

We believe in expanding the therapeutic breadth and accessibility of cell therapies to transform patient care. An important element of our vision is to facilitate the next wave of research advancements by offering unique cell engineering capabilities to the life sciences community. In collaboration with STEMCELL Technologies, we plan to co-develop and commercialize a research-use-only (RUO) system, which incorporates our proven proprietary Cell Squeeze® technology for versatile intracellular delivery at preclinical research scale.

SQZ’s Cell Squeeze ® technology has enabled the development of three oncology therapeutic candidates in active Phase 1/2 clinical trials.

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The RUO System

Our benchtop RUO system is designed for efficient, gentle, and vector-free delivery of cargoes to a range of primary cell types – all with a workflow that can be integrated into cell therapy research.

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Cell engineering with the RUO system:

Efficient delivery of mRNA and Cas9 RNP to NK and T cells with minimal perturbations

Read the ASGCT 2022 Abstract

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