SQZ® Cell Therapies Seek to Put Your
Immune System to Work Against Disease

About Our Approach

We use a patient’s own cells to manufacture a personalized therapy. After blood collection, we isolate target cell types, use our SQZ® technology to engineer their functions and administer them back to the patient. This manufacturing process typically takes less than 24hrs and a patient can receive their first dose about a week after blood collection. Once administered, SQZ® engineered cells are designed to home to specialized immune structures, such as the lymph nodes and spleen, and direct the patient’s immune system to target disease.

Our clinical programs are in oncology for the treatment of HPV16 positive cancers.

The Patient Experience

No preconditioning

No lengthy hospital stays

Time to treatment: ~1 week

Administration is a simple syringe push

Expanded Access Policy

In expanded access programs, patients with serious diseases or life-threatening conditions who have exhausted all available options and do not meet the eligibility criteria to participate in a clinical trial may be able to access investigational therapies. At this time in our clinical development path, however, we do not offer expanded access as we believe that enrollment in our clinical trial is the best way for us to develop safe and effective treatments that would ultimately benefit a larger number of patients.

We encourage all patients and physicians who are interested in accessing our investigational therapy to contact us for information. You can also visit trial and enrollment details and see additional details on

Patient Advocacy

We are committed to advancing the clinical development of cell therapies that are safe, effective and accessible to patients worldwide. We are actively engaged with leading advocacy organizations working to support patients and their families living with cancer. For additional information on HPV+ cancers, the following organizations can provide educational and other resources.

We are not responsible for content provided by these organizations.