The Cell Squeeze® Technology

We physically squeeze cells at high speeds through a microfluidic chip, temporarily opening the cell membrane and enabling biologic material of interest, or cargo, to diffuse into the cell before the membrane reseals. This technology allows us to create a broad pipeline of product candidates for different diseases.

Our Advantages

We believe our Cell Squeeze® technology has the potential to create impactful, well-tolerated cell therapies that can provide therapeutic benefit for patients and offer meaningful improvements over other approaches.

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Patient Experiences

By enabling broad engineering of cell biology, the SQZ technology allows therapeutics to be designed to target the underlying drivers of disease.

Our approach also reduces unintended cell perturbation, limiting effects on normal cell genotype, phenotype, or function. Our existing platforms do not rely on genetic alterations to cells, eliminating long-term safety concerns arising from DNA disruption.

SQZ therapeutic platforms are designed to be administered without any pre-conditioning and without any planned hospitalization. Combined with the rapid manufacturing we could provide an accessible, streamlined patient experience and a lower burden on the health systems in both time and cost.

For Patients

Breadth of Impact

The flexibility of our Cell Squeeze® technology provides us the opportunity to rapidly expand our pipeline to additional indications. Although the technology could facilitate development of many different platforms, our initial platforms are focused on modulating immune responses targeting disease-specific antigens. These platforms can potentially unlock the new treatment paradigms for multiple hard-to-treat diseases. We can achieve this through:

Translation across cell types. The Cell Squeeze® technology has been compatible with every cell type tested to date. This broad translatability could expand the indications that can be targeted by cell therapies, ultimately allowing the SQZ platforms to potentially help patients across diseases.

Access to novel biology. We can access novel biology with cell therapies. For example, the SQZ APC platform is directly engineering MHC Class I presentation and co-stimulation in a physiologically relevant manner to generate potent CD8+ T cell responses.


The Cell Squeeze® technology enables rapid, scalable, and economic production of our cell therapies.


The production time for our current product candidates is under 24 hours, with a vein-to-vein time of approximately one week. SQZ therapies are administered to patients through a simple syringe push and without harsh pre-conditioning.


The Cell Squeeze® technology allows for robust parallelization and scale up. A single chip can contain hundreds of parallel channels that enable us to process over 10 billion cells per minute.

Cost Efficient

Our manufacturing process is designed to create treatments at a fraction of the cost of other cell therapies. We believe that eliminating the need for viral vectors and multi-day manufacturing could cut costs dramatically relative to current cell therapies and enable expansion into areas where other approaches are cost prohibitive.