Rapid and reliable manufacturing of SQZ® Cell Therapy Candidates in under 24 Hours

Breaking through manufacturing barriers is a critical focus area for the cell therapy industry. By eliminating the need for viral vectors, electrical fields and multi-day cell expansion procedures, our SQZ® cell therapy candidates are designed to be manufactured in under 24 hours. By continuing to innovate on cell therapy manufacturing processes, we aim to potentially achieve same-day treatment of patients in the future.

Flexible Cell Engineering at Clinical Scale

Our GMP-compliant Cell Squeeze® system, used in our ongoing clinical trial, can achieve efficient, high-viability engineering at a rate of over 10 billion cells / minute for patient dose production.

Current SQZ® Cell Therapy Production

~1 Week

Time to Treatment

No Viral Vectors

used in manufacturing process

<24 Hour

Cell therapy manufacturing demonstrated

Lower Cost per Dose

projected compared to marketed cell therapy products

SQZ® Point-of-Care Manufacturing System

Integrated, automated cell therapy manufacturing with the SQZ® Point-of-Care system

The SQZ® Point-of-Care (POC) system is designed to integrate our differentiated, proprietary Cell Squeeze® technology with end-to-end, closed process automation with the goal of reducing the time, cost and complexity of cell therapy manufacturing.

SQZ® POC has the potential to broaden accessibility of cell therapies by addressing the primary cost and resource drivers of manufacturing

Potential to eliminate clean room

Future decentralized production at or near treatment centers without a clean room

Accelerated Production Timelines

Reduced production timelines, inclusive of manufacturing, QC, and release testing

Removal of Manual Steps

Substantial removal of manual steps to improve process reproducibility

Fewer Operators

Potential for meaningful reduction in operators and operator hours

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