Board of Directors

Bernard Coulie, MD, PhD

SQZ Biotech Chairman and President & CEO of Pliant Therapeutics

Established leader in the industry, including in research and clinical development. International experience including drug discovery and clinical development at Johnson & Johnson and cofounder of ActoGeniX.

Howard Bernstein, MD PhD

Interim Chief Executive Officer; Member of Board of DIrectors

Former CSO of SQZ Biotech with 30 years of experience in technology & drug development. Involved in the development of nine products and holds 250 patent applications. Member of the National Academy of Engineering.

Paul Bolno, MD

President & CEO of Wave Life Sciences

Has a broad industry background in business development, investments, and commercial development.

Marc Elia

Founder of M28 Capital

Over 20 years of industry and finance experience in biotechnology.

Pushkal Garg, MD

CMO of Alnylam

Over 15 years of experience in clinical drug development. Deep experience in immunology with years in late-stage development at BMS.

Klavs Jensen, PhD

SQZ Biotech® company founder and Emeritus MIT Chemical Engineering Department Chair

Established leader in fabrication, testing, and integration of microsystems.

Marc Schegerin, MD

COO/CFO of Morphic Therapeutic

Established leader in biotech and corporate finance. Previously CFO of ArQule through Merck acquisition and senior roles in healthcare investment banking.

Amy Schulman

Polaris Partner

Former Pfizer executive named one of Fortune’s 50 most powerful women in business in 2013.

Sapna Srivastava, PhD

Advisor and Independent Director

Experienced board member and CFO, with roles in strategic planning, and in equity research across the industry. Experience includes leading Intellia as CFO through their IPO.

Patrick V.J.J. Vink, MD

Advisor and Independent Director

Over 30 years of experience as a senior executive and board member in the life sciences industry, including broad international expertise. Prior senior leadership roles at Cubist, Novartis Group, Biogen, and Sanofi-Synthelabo Ltd.

Scientific Advisory Board

Darrell Irvine, PhD

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute

In addition to positions at MIT, The Koch Institute, and The Ragon Institute, investigates immune engineering strategies for The Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Tyler Jacks, PhD

The Koch Institute for Cancer Research and MIT

Director of The Koch Institute for Cancer Research and MIT professor breaking new ground in gene targeting strategies for cancer.

Robert Langer, ScD.

MIT Koch Institute

SQZ founder, MIT Koch Institute Professor, and most cited engineer in history renowned for his contributions to the fields of drug delivery and tissue engineering.

David Sachs, MD

Columbia and MGH

Thought leader in immune tolerance research, discovered MHC Class II antigens and initiated the first successful clinical trials of transplantation tolerance. Currently directs transplantation research at both Columbia and MGH.

Arlene Sharpe, MD, PhD.

Harvard and Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Co-developer of the anti-PD1 checkpoint blockade and co-director of The Evergrande Center for Immunologic Diseases at Harvard and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Mark Shlomchik, MD, PhD

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Chair of the Department of Immunology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and leader in studies of B cell immune responses, B cell memory and systemic autoimmune diseases like SLE.

Ulrich von Andrian, MD, PhD

Harvard Medical School

Mallinckrodt Professor of Immunopathology at Harvard Medical School and leader in understanding the regulation and function of immune cells.

Kai Wucherpfennig, MD, PhD

Dana Farber

Chair of Cancer Immunology and Virology at Dana Farber. Established leader in the field with 35 years of experience; current research focus on T cell immunology and the role of T cells in cancer immunology.

Strategic Advisors