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SQZ at Biotech Panel

SQZ has received many awards and our technology has been published in multiple high impact journals. Our entire team is humbled by the attention and praise, and is inspired to work hard every day to ensure that the potential of our technology is realized by helping patients.

Press Releases

February 5, 2018

SQZ Biotech to Present at Investor Conferences in First Quarter 2018     Read More

December 5, 2017

SQZ Biotech Receives Investment from JDRF T1D Fund     Read More

August 23, 2017

SQZ Biotech Expands Leadership Team, Appoints Shefali Agarwal, MD, MPH, as Chief Medical Officer     Read More

June 14, 2017

SQZ Biotech Named a 2017 Technology Pioneer and Gives Corporate Update     Read More

December 1, 2016

SQZ Biotech Announces Additional $8 Million in Series B Funding Bringing Total Financing Round to $24 Million     Read More

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September 30, 2016

SQZ Biotech Announces $16 Million Series B Funding Round Led by Nanodimension and Polaris Partners     Read More

December 7, 2015

SQZ Biotech Announces Partnership to Fight Cancer with Novel Cell Engineering Technology     Read More

June 23, 2015

SQZ Biotech Raises $5 Million Series A Round Led By Polaris Partners     Read More

November 18, 2014

SQZ Biotech’s CellSqueeze Featured as a Top 10 Innovation in Scientific American’s World Changing Ideas 2014     Read More

October 30, 2014

SQZ Biotech Launches CellSqueeze Platform and Is Awarded $100,000 Grand Prize from MassChallenge and over $200,000 from Boeing and the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS)     Read More

In The News



Xconomy Young Innovator Award Winner Armon Sharei—CEO Before 30     Read More


Expanding Tissue and Squeezing Cells: Meet Xconomy’s Young Innovator Award Finalists     Read More

Business Insider

Meet the 30 biotech leaders under 40 who are searching for breakthrough treatments and shaping the future of medicine     Read More

World Economic Forum

How scientists are using engineered cells to defeat disease     Read More



SQZ Biotech CEO and Co-founder Named one of Inc.'s 30 Under 30 for 2016     Read More

Roche Case Study

Fighting Cancer Using Novel Cell Engineering to Activate the Immune System     Read More

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Boston Business Journal

Boston Biotech Startup SQZ Seals a $500M Deal with Drug Giant Roche     Read More

What's "In" Innovation

Head of J&J Innovation names SQZ one of 2015's "Thrilling Three"     Read More


SQZ's Amy Schulman named one of three to Watch in Kendall Square in 2016     Read More

Fierce Biotech

SQZ Biotech Name in Fierce 15 2015     Read More


Armon Sharei named in 2015 30 Under 30 in Healthcare     Read More


With SQZ Deal, Roche Finally Dips Its Toes into Cell Therapy     Read More

The Boston Globe

Genetic Engineering on the Cheap: Implanting Genetic Material or Drugs may get a whole lot Simpler     Read More

MIT News

Freshly Squeezed Vaccines     Read More

Stem Cell Assays

SQZ Biotech Named one of 10 Companies to Watch     Read More


Putting the Squeeze on Cells     Read More

MIT Spectrum

Giving Cells a Squeeze to Fight Disease     Read More


Where Are They Now: 4 Grads of Techstars Boston and MassChallenge     Read More

Boston Magazing

SQZ Biotech May Have Found a More Effective Method for Drug Delivery     Read More


A Hidden Start     Read More


Utility by Design - Bio-Engineered MedTech Devices     Read More



Chemical Engineers' Technology Shows Promise for Treating Cancer and HIV     Read More

MIT Technology Review

Device Squeezes Cells to Get Drugs In     Read More


MassChallenge Winner From MIT Aims to Kill Cancer With a “Squeeze”     Read More

Scientific American

SQZ  Named World Changing Idea: How to Hijack a Cell - Takeing Control of Cells by Squeezing Them     Read More


MassChallenge Winner: SQZ Biotech     Read More

Fierce Pharma

MIT Spinoff SQZ Biotech Nabs Startup Prizes for Cell-Squeezing Delivery Enhancer     Read More

MedCity News

SQZBiotech’s “Cell-Squeezing” Wins Top Accolades at MassChallenge, Headed to Outer Space     Read More

The Boston Globe

Mass. Life Science Firms Offered a Ticket to Space Station     Read More


SQZ Biotech     Read More

The Scientist

Entry Requirements: Recent Developments in Cell Transfection and Molecular Delivery Technologies     Read More

MedCity News

SQZBiotech’s Cell-Squeezing Could be a Better way to Reprogram Cells     Read More


RD Mag

Researchers Put Squeeze on Cells to Deliver     Read More

The Scientist

Narrow Straits: Transfecting Molecules into Cells is as Easy as One, Two, Squeeze     Read More

Lab Times

Methods and Protocols to Make Your Life Easier (3): Microfluidic Transfection     Read More

DDN News

Better Delivery Through Compression     Read More

MIT News

Putting the Squeeze on Cells     Read More


Cell squeezer gets molecules in     Read More


By Deforming Cells, Researchers Deliver RNA, Proteins and Nanoparticles for Many Applications     Read More

Nature Methods

Receptive cells feel the squeeze     Read More

New Scientist

Tight Squeeze Forces Cells to Take their Medicine     Read More


Squeezing Cells to Deliver Large Molecules     Read More



ACS Chemical Biology

Microfluidic-Enabled Intracellular Delivery of Membrane Impermeable Inhibitors to Study Target Engagement in Human Primary Cells      Read More

Nature BME

High-throughput nuclear delivery and rapid expression of DNA via mechanical and electrical cell-membrane disruption      Read More



In vitro and ex vivo strategies for intracellular delivery      Read More


A Size-Selective Intracellular Delivery Platform      Read More

Integrative Biology

Monitoring protein synthesis in single live cancer cells      Read More

Nature Communications

Live-cell protein labelling with nanometre precision by cell squeezing      Read More

Nature Methods

Cell biology: delivering tough cargo into cells     Read More

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The Journal of Immunology

Sex Differences in Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Levels of IRF5 Drive Higher IFN-α Production in Women      Read More

Chemical Science

'Traceless' tracing of proteins - high-affinity trans-splicing directed by a minimal interaction pair      Read More

Scientific Reports

Microfluidic squeezing for intracellular antigen loading in polyclonal B-cells as cellular vaccines      Read More


Ex vivo cytosolic delivery of functional macromolecules to immune cells      Read More


Integrative Biology

Plasma membrane recovery kinetics of a microfluidic intracellular delivery platform     Read More



Cell Squeezing as a Robust, Microfluidic Intracellular Delivery Platform     Read More



A vector-free microfluidic platform for intracellular delivery     Read More

Nano Letters

Nonendocytic Delivery of Functional Engineered Nanoparticles into the Cytoplasm of Live Cells Using a Novel, High-Throughput Microfluidic Device     Read More